An Approach to the Work of Geert Van der Borght

What strikes in the work of Geert Van der Borght is the progressive reduction of reality in order to reach a universe where forms finally convey first and foremost the powerful feeling that travels through the meeting of materials. Some of them are recycled and wear and tear witness a secret history. This intimate discourse between material identities is instinctive, tactile, sensual.
This is where observing these introspective sculptures will lead us: to a silent world of contemplation. Meaning vanishes yet is revealed as justifications and poetic interpretations are transgressed and we meet with entities conceived prior to words. No need for certainties then, for the observed object, even decoded, remains unknowable.
In the work of Geert Van der Borght, it is the details that reveal how the spirit inhabits each form and how the accordant dialogue between the materials sits at its very core.

Based on “Pour un discours des origines”by Otto Ganz
Exhibition “The heart of the matter”, Oct. – Dec. 2007


Geert Van der Borght aims at glorifying matter through an interplay of forces that continue into the fragile theatre of clay.
His expression is informal or inverse. The first significant, utility value or any other arcane reference of recognition is kept as just an epiphenomenon.
Wood, clay and metal question their balance. In these compositions where opposed forces are enshrined, their interplay generates an emphasis, a hardly contained radiation. This aura precedes any mental construction, as if, released from the formal layer of our apprehension, we perceive vigour and intensity.
And yet, in many instances, Geert Van der Borght enhances this phenomenological experience by means of hyperrealistic imitations of form as well as texture.
The disjunction between the real and the imaginary object amazes and delights the observer, as if a master had put on our path an object transcending time.
Jean-Phillipe Goffaux (Philosopher)
Exhibition “Step Inside”, Oct. 2004 – Feb. 2005

Jean-Phillipe Goffaux
Exposition “Step Inside”, oct.obre 2004- février 2005


While declining the deceptive appearances that matter can take, Geert Van der Borght opens doors to meditation, contemplation, and the awakening of the senses.
The use of dissimilar materials and various techniques of clay firing and colouring causes the objects to take an unexpected power. In reality, classifications detonate.
The effect of surprise subsided, the observer participates in a sensual epiphany that can only be offered by an accomplished artist, a philosopher and master of technique at the same time.

Ghislain Olivier (Edition de l’heure)